Terms, Conditions & Policies

We Strongly Advise Our Clients To Go Through Our Terms & Conditions Before Availing Services From Us. We cannot be held responsible if the client Fails to Skim through this.

  • It is Mandatory For the Client to Read All the FAQs before Ordering Company Formation Services. We have clearly Described the details of every service and the way we provide them. Client Mustn’t Automatically Assume Meanings. If there is any confusion, Feel Free to Contact us
  • FilingFox.com just provides Consultation and Amazon Account Signup services. We are in no way, Part of Amazon Seller Verification team or Affiliated with Amazon. We are not responsible for any hurdle that you may face during Signup but We Will make it our duty to get you An Amazon account one way or another until you get a Verified Account given that the client has been Completely honest with us regarding their previous amazon related history. Once your Account Registration is Approved, Our Duty ends. We are not responsible for any suspension that you might face anytime in the future but we will always be there to help you out even if you encounter an issue in future as We value our customers, Their trust on us and their hard earned money a lot.
  • By Ordering our Services, Client Agrees with Our policies, Methods, Pricing & Commitments.
  • The services that we Commit to will be our responsibility till the very end and We will Deliver them to you as we have been doing it all perfectly in the past. Payment Once received cannot be refunded in any case. No Change of Minds, No midway cancellations.
  • FilingFox.com will not be responsible if a third party organization such as Bank, Amazon, Stripe or any other service updates their policies midway during the process or post delivery. Once again, We just provide Account Opening Services with Banks and Other Third Party Organizations and we are in no way responsible for their policies.
  • While we have maintained Our Reputation as one of the best service Providing Agencies, If you still have any complaints or confusions with regards to our services, Please Feel free to Contact us. We will be glad to assist and guide you out. We take false accusations and Public degradations very seriously.
  • Our Tax Filing Services are Completely dependant on the Data that you provide us. We will not be responsible, In case of any penalties you receive in future.
  • Our Future support is restricted to the scope of services that we have provided you. While we try our best to help you out, We cannot be help accountable in case the Client doesn’t receive desired outcome.