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Suitable for Software Consultancy, Merchant Account users, BPO Companies, Digital Marketers, Freelancers, Medical Billing, Truck Dispatch, Call Centres, SaaS Businesses and Amazon PL

What’s Included
  • Business Name Search
  • LTD Filing with Certificate And Statues
  • Articles Of Association

  • Business Address with Unique Suite Number, Mail Scan & Forwarding and Dashboard (1 Year)

  • Registered Address 1 Year
  • UK Wise Business Bank Account (Including £45 One time Fee)
  • Payoneer Business Bank Account
  • Amazon Account Signup (Refer to FAQ section for details)
  • Payment Merchant (Stripe) Guidance (Only if Applicable)

  • UK Phone Number Purchase Guidance

  • Tax Consultancy

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Suitable for Amazon Wholesale FBA, eBay, Shopify and Ecommerce Stores

What’s Included
  • Business Name Search
  • LTD Filing with Certificate And Statues
  • Articles Of Association

  • Business Address with Unique Suite Number, Mail Scan & Forwarding and Dashboard (1 Year)

  • Registered Address (1 Year)

  • UK Wise Business Bank Account (Excluding £45 One time Fee)

  • Payoneer Business Bank Account

  • Amazon Account Signup (Refer to FAQ section for details)
  • Payment Merchant (Stripe) Guidance (Only if Applicable)

  • UK Phone Number Purchase Guidance

  • Tax Consultancy
  • Ecommerce Multi Niche Store Website with Live Products
  • Domain (1 Year)
  • Hosting (1 Year)
  • Business Professional Emails
  • VAT Registration
  • Logo (No Revisions)


Everything You Need to Know about Our Services

2. frequently asked questions

It depends on the institution. If you are a Pakistani resident, You can avail Wise Business Bank & Payoneer Business Bank only. Payoneer has no opening fee, While Wise has a £45 one time fee which can be paid through Debit/Credit Cards.

If you live in a different Country, You might have even more Banking options such as Revolut.

Note for Pakistani residents: Wise Business in the UK has been asking for Proof of Funding from Pakistani Residents lately so you must make sure that you ave either:

  1. Employment Contract with Payslips reflecting on Bank Statement
  2. FBR Tax Returns
  3. Other Documents to prove your Legitimate earnings

We are not responsible if you cannot furnish the required documents.

Go for the Basic Package if you intend to do any of the following Businesses:

Software Consultancy, Merchant Account users, BPO Companies, Digital Marketers, Freelancers, Medical Billing, Truck Dispatch, Call Centres, SaaS Businesses and Amazon PL.


Go for the Professional Package if you want to do Amazon Wholesale FBA, eBay, Walmart, Shopify or Launch an Ecommerce Store.


If you feel that you have a different set of requirements or if you want to provide a UK Address yourself, Feel free to contact us and We will work out the best possible Package for you.

Contact Us

Amazon Wholesale FBA is a business in which you have to prove some sort of Physical or Online Presence of your business in order to Win Suppliers trust.

Unlike other Company Formation Services in the Market, Our LTD Formation Professional Package comes with a Completely Built Multi-Niche Ecommerce Website with Dummy Products already uploaded. Website Management is extremely User-Friendly with WordPress CMS and Products can be easily altered, Added or removed by a novice.

We also provide you with a Domain & Hosting (cPanel Included) for 1 year along with Business professional emails to reach out to Suppliers.

This alone can cost you at least $200-$250 if you choose to get them made separately.

We will hold a Consultation call or Chat with you, Enquiring details regarding your Identity Documents, Previous History associated with Amazon & your Residential Address Verification Documents.

We have had a 100% success rate in the past 4 years regarding our Amazon Signup services, And we always make it our goal to get our client onboarded with Amazon till their Account gets approved.

We will then provide you with the best suitable Plan Of Action and Instruct you to Prepare your Required Documents such as Bank Statement, Passport/National ID/Drivers License, Debit/Credit Card & Utility Bill (Not required usually).

Once your documents are ready, We will appoint you a suitable time on which we shall connect with you over Remote PC Control softwares such as Anydesk, Zoom or Meet and Create your Amazon Account for you on your PC and IP.

We never signup your accounts on our Devices in order to safeguard you from possible linkages.

Note: It is strongly advised to the Clients to share every detail about yourself honestly & Completely so that we can prepare the best Plan of Action for your account opening. No altered Documents should be used.

Withholding any information from us, Or not being completely honest about your previous Amazon related activities may create hurdles during Signup process of which FILINGFOX.COM DOES NOT HOLD ANY RESPONSIBILITY.

Furthermore, FilingFox.com just provides Consultation and Account Signup services. We are in no way, Part of Amazon Seller Verification team or Affiliated with Amazon. We are not responsible for any hurdle that you may face during Signup but We Will make it our duty to get you An Amazon account one way or another until you get a Verified Account. Once your Account Registration is Approved, Our Duty ends. We are not responsible for any suspension that you might face anytime in the future but we will always be there to help you out even if you encounter an issue in future as We value our customers, Their trust on us and their hard earned money a lot.

You can Register for Stripe and Payoneer Payment gateway on the basis of your LLC.

A lot of people have this misconception that Virtual Addresses Aren’t REAL or that they are Fictitious.

Well, That’s not the case!

Definition Of Virtual Address: A virtual address is a Real street address that you can use as a mailing address or business address without the need for you or your business to physically present there.

Why is it called a Virtual Address, Why not a Physical Address?

The reality is that the term “Physical Address” has no definition and that Virtual addresses are also Physical Address as they are Physically present. The term Physical Address is quite common among Entrepreneurs and Service Providers. The term is just a tactic to Market Address service just to catch attention.

Virtual Addresses have different types:

  1. P.O. BOX Addresses: They are unique Addresses which have a Suffix at the end usually with a Hashtag or Box Number. Example: 123 Downing Street, Suite 82, Box 09, Austin, Texas 78753. PO BOX addresses require one time Notarization which requires your Identity Document and a Bank Statement or Utility Bill with your Residential Address mentioned.
  2. Commercial Unique Reg Agent Addresses: These Addresses usually have better reputation especially when we use them for Legal registrations of Different Departments. They come with a Unique Suite/Flat/Office Number for your Company which can allow you to use them with services that require Unique Addresses such as Amazon.

What other options do we have for address?

  1. Purchase a property in the UK which would cost you in Millions of Pounds.
  2. Rent a small Office or Apartment which would cost you at least £1500-£2500 per month.
  3. Request a relative or friend if they are willing to let you use their address for your Commercial Activities. It is one of the best options if the relative resides in the same state where you are intending to form your Company. We personally do not recommend that as per our experience due to a lot of Customers in the past getting into all sorts of disputes with their relatives gradually at some point in future.
  4. If nothing above works, Well sorry to break it to you but Availing Virtual Address services is the only option you’ve got which is actually a good option as it provides anonymity, Reliable Mail Scanning & Forwarding Services at a very small cost.

We will Provide you a Commercial Physical Street Address with a Completely Unique Suite Number allocated just for your Company so that you can avoid getting any Account Linkage issues at Amazon or any confusions with Suppliers. 

All Addresses comes with Dashboard to view Documents received. The Address services can receive your Documents, Mails, Amazon Verification Code & Credit/Debit Cards throughout the year which will be opened and scanned by the Address Company and uploaded as a PDF on your Dashboard. You can also request the Company to Parcel them over to you at your expense taking into account the International Courier Costs.

The Address service doesn’t allow parcels to be received so We would advise you not to use the address to receive inventory neither to use it as return Address on Amazon.

Company Formation in the UK is quick, But we have to ensure other Pre Requisites are in order before we file your LTD with the Government.

It should take 7 – 10 Working Days for Company Formation, Bank Account Approval & Address Configuration.

Amazon signup on the other hand is a different story altogether. It can take 2-4 working days for the account to get approved. Once the account is approved, Our work ends.


You will also require a Director’s Residential address of UK and a VPS, Paypal might require a Bill Verification in future.

The best part of our Services are our Dedicated After Sales Support which is a Bonus perk and our existing clients are extremely happy with their decision to choose us for their Formations.

We will always be there for you to assist you regarding anything related to our Fulfilled services in the future.

If you end up in an issue that requires our support on Anydesk, We do that too.

Our support stems from our belief that our Clients trust & Rely on us and we value our Partnership to the extent that we usually provide lifetime support.

Before you attempt Step 4, Please Go through this

3. Arranging Documents

Deciding for a Company name sounds easy but it actually isn’t.

You should brainstorm names that aren’t too Simple, Possibly names that aren’t a single word. Ex: Wood Mart, Shopping Arena, Shoes Heaven etc

While it isn’t necessary for a Company name and Domain name to be same, We advise that you try to keep it as similar as possible. Manually search for domain name availability on godaddy.com  and once you find a name that has a matching or similar domain available (Domain shouldn’t cost more than $10), Shortlist the name and provide it to us.

Make a new Gmail account, Do not set any sort of Two Step Verification and Submit the Email with Password to us.

We require this so that all of the services that we purchase for you, Will be handed over to you directly once your work is completed.

You can take care of Future renewals directly without needing our Assistance or services.

Once you have determined the Package type, You can just use the described amounts above or contact us to get your Total Amount (in case of a custom package or a different state not mentioned above).

Please Contact the team before making the payment at +92 300 861 2278 or [email protected]

Once that is done, Please Visit Currency Converter, Enter the total Dollar amount in the field and your total PKR amount will be calculated. Take a Screenshot of the Website and transfer the Payment to our Business Bank Account of ECommerce Success Pakistan Pvt LTD And once you’ve transferred the Payment, Take a Screenshot and upload it while applying for Company in the Next Step.

Bank Name: Meezan Bank

Title: Ecommerce Success Pakistan (Private) LTD

Account Number: 0313-0106381156

IBAN: PK82MEZN0003130106381156

Branch: Plot No.7 Sector-A, Near Gate No.3, Kalsum Plaza, DHA Phase II, Islamabad


We require your Passport or National ID only for:

  • Amazon Signup
  • Bank Account Signup

Please make sure to Scan the documents as per the Instructions below:

In case of Passport:

  1. Make sure to Scan the Complete Front Leaflet Using a Physical Scanner (No picture or camscanner)
  2. In case of Pakistani Passport, Sign your Second Page in the Signature Section and Scan the whole Signature Page leaflet as well.
  3. Make sure there are no shiny glares and do not crop the borders. All corners must be visible and everything must be readible.

In case of National ID/CNIC:

  • Scan Front & Back Separately and provide them as different files, not in a same file
  • CNIC address doesn’t matter for Amazon as Amazon doesn’t care about your National ID/CNIC Address. Pakistani Nationals must provide Chip based CNIC only

While entering details in Step 4, We require you to submit your current Residential Address just for record keeping purpose.

Your Address won’t be used for Company Formation or Amazon.

4. Form Your Company Now

Fill out the details & Upload the required Documents

Current step:1Select Your Package
2Enter Your Details

Suggest Some Names For Your Company

Enter Company Member Details  (If Partnership, Enter All Members Details)

Enter Residential Address Of Company Owner

Create a New Gmail Account And Share it with us along with Password

Enter Total Payment in Dollars & Rupees